In vitro cell experiments cannot yield true cell reponses without biomimetic environment.

Under this proposal, various engineering technologies along with biological knowledge are being developed and applied for the realization of the biomimetic environment.
Our laboratory develops novel methodologies based on engineering paradigms to translate research outcomes to clinical practice.
Established in 1993 as Biomechanics Lab, our lab had successfully carried out government‐funded research projects focused mainly on orthopedic and dental implants for the first 5–6 years.
Recently, cellular engineering‐related researches have been conducted, especially on tissue engineering and the control of adult stem cells under biomimetic environments.
When our lab was designated as a National Research Laboratory in 2008, we made a big step toward extensive researches and related methodologies.
To become a leading group in these areas, we are working harder and harder to make something meaningful to the society through valuable research outcomes.