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Choi HJ, Lee JJ, Lee JB, Sung HJ, Shin JW, Shin JW, Wu YR, Kim JK. MG-63 cells proliferation following various types of mechanical stimulation on cells by auxetic hybrid scaffolds. Biomaterials Research. 2016 Dec;20(4):302-9.

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안기찬, 박대현, 최재상, 공규민, 김주용, 하병호, 신정욱, 박소희, 강윤경. 지지체의 특성과 간헐적 정수압이 중간엽 줄기세포의 분화에 미치는 영향. 대한정형외과연구학회지. 2014 June;14(1):1-12.

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Cellular and Biomechanical Engineering Lab

In vitro cell experiments cannot yield true cell reponses without biomimetic environment.
Under this proposal, various engineering technologies along with biological knowledge are being developed and applied for the realization of the biomimetic environment.
Our laboratory develops novel methodologies based on engineering paradigms to translate research outcomes to clinical practice.

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